Developing Partnerships with Web Designers

Web Design & Digital Marketing 101

Sometimes there can be some conflict between web designers in Belfast and digital marketing or search engine optimisation agencies. The search engine optimisation agency may want text, keywords and sub-titles on the website homepage whereas the web designer may feel that the client’s brand and products are best represented by a minimalistic design with little to no text, keywords or sub-titles.


And so it is often best for the various parties to meet face to face to understand the various points of views and perspectives to best ensure a harmonious and ultimately successful online marketing experience for the client. Because when the client wins by ranking for the search phrases related to the products and services that they sell, and actually make a profit by converting the visitors to their website into leads and then sales, then it is likely that everyone will win by way of reviews and referrals for a project well done.


The bigger picture necessitates an understanding of the components that must come together in order to develop and run a successful online enterprise.




Without traffic or visitors you can’t sell a thing because there is no one to sell it to. No matter how beautiful that you or your web designer feel that your website is, if people with an interest in your products or services don’t actually see your website then you can’t make a penny.

Very generally the ways to drive traffic to your website are as follows –


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the practice of making your website attractive to the Google Bots so that they see your website as having value and being relevant for Google searches related to the products and services that your business sells. SEO is often quite a lengthy process, and typical SEO campaigns can run from three to six months to multiple years.


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is often used to refer to pay per click marketing on platforms like Google Adwords, Pinterest, Reddit and Facebook. Many of the large social network websites have been designed specifically with monetisation in mind, and one of the best ways for them to run their platforms in a financially successful way I to sell ads targeting their various user segments and categories.


Digital marketing can be the fastest way for a new business to develop some momentum by almost instantly getting paid traffic or visitors to the business website.


Social Media Marketing


This involves building groups and pages around the products and services that you offer, and communicating and marketing to the members of these groups in a way that develops trust in your brand and helps to sell your products. This is sometimes a very slow but not necessarily ineffective way to get traffic to your website.




Having traffic to your website can be great, but not if they don’t buy, and that is why monitoring and seeking to improve conversion is so important. The things to consider in relation to conversion on your website are as follows, the call to action, use of pop-ups, special offers and chatbots and of course the look, feel and ease of use of your website.