How to Set Up Your First SEO Campaign

The Basics of Setting Up An SEO Campaign

Launching an SEO campaign is never an easy task, especially if it is your first time. How do you start? What’s are the most important elements to implement and how do you know if it is giving the desired results? Well, do not fret as stating a search engine optimization campaign can be pretty easy if you take an organized and methodical approach. Follow these simple steps and you will certainly succeed.

SEO Goals & Strategy

It goes without saying that this is the most important stage of launching an SEO campaign and revolves around these questions:

-Who is your target?
-Why do people need your website?
-How do you measure progress?

The answers to these questions will help in creating marketing personas which are simply generalized profiles of your customers.

Keyword Research

Keywords are essential to any SEO campaign and when it comes to research, it’s crucial that you consider the following:

-Gathering information to find a solution or answer a question.

-Comparison in order to decide on the best product, service or solution.

-Completing an action, from email subscription to making a purchase.

In order to find ideal keywords for your website, you should use tools like Google Keyword Planner. This is a tool that lets you know the most popular keywords in your niche and which are the most competitive. This will help you get terms that actually being used by users and you can use them to optimize your website for ranking and attracting traffic as well.

Another excellent place to find keyword suggestions is from calls with your clients. If someone is contacting you for something, whether it’s a question regarding the price, product, service or support, chances are they have used Google first. Targeting key phrases that are actually used by your customers when looking for something will help attract even more potential users which leads to more conversions.

Website Audits

It is advisable to audit your website’s technical search engine optimization and there’s no better time than when launching a campaign. Technical SEO involves the aspects of a site that make it crawlable to the search engines. However, if this aspect is not properly implemented, your site may become incomprehensible to search engines. Follow the guide at SEO Belfast.

1. Page Speed– A slow website is not going to rank highly. A fast site is imperative as it improves the user experience. So, avoid web design aspects that hamper load speeds.

2. URL Structure– It’s important that your URLs are accurate and concise.

3. Meta Tags– Titles assist when it comes to ranking your website and meta descriptions help to sell your website to users.

4. XML Sitemap– The search engines utilize sitemaps to locate as well as rank URLs.

Basic SEO Campaign Recommendations


This is perhaps the most important aspect when creating an SEO campaign. When you start publishing content, it is imperative to consider your target audience and keep them in mind. It’s ideally imperative to know which part of the purchasing cycle they are in. Here are some things to bear in mind as you create content for your blog or website:

1. Value– When creating content, it’s important to ensure that it is relevant, interesting and of high quality. Ascertain that it answers questions that your target audience has. The more valuable the content, the easier it will be to find and share, thus leading to higher rankings.

2. Keywords– When utilizing keywords, ensure that they are featured in the title, subtitles, as well as the body. You should also ensure that they read naturally.

3. Links– These are essential for any SEO campaign and website structure. Inbound links help bots locate links that they would not find easily and helps build the structure of your site. Outbound links to authoritative websites help improve rankings.

These are the most important steps to take if you want to create a successful SEO campaign.