Is SEO The Best Form Of Marketing? Yes It Is, And Here’s Why

Search engine optimisation has been around for a very longtime, but a lot of people wonder if it’s the best form of marketing. The truth is that SEO is the best form of marketing and there are many reasons why. Below are a few of the top ones.

1. Evergreen Traffic
The first reason SEO is the best form of marketing is because it can generate evergreen traffic. This means traffic that will go to your website for months or years to come. For example, if you get ranked for a popular or medium-searched keyword, then people will flock to your site regularly if you rank very high. If that keyword remains popular for a longtime and you don’t lose your rank, then you’ll enjoy receiving traffic regularly.

2. Target Specific Markets
With SEO, you can target specific markets across several campaigns. One of your markets and audiences might be young adult males in a specific major city; While another market are farmers in rural areas or your market might be an entire country. It doesn’t matter what your targeted market is, you can reach them via SEO.

Best of all, you can work on several SEO campaigns, with each being created with a specific market in mind. Once you launch your campaigns, you’ll be a step closer to reaching those audiences within those markets. Before you know it, when people search for your targeted keywords, then they may come across your website.

3. Meet Objectives
The third reason why SEO is the best form of marketing is because it can be used to achieve and meet all kinds of objectives. Businesses and websites of all sizes have objectives they want to meet. Regardless if you sell a product, provide a service or have sites for informational purposes, you have objectives you want to meet.

For example, if you want to increase social media followers, then you could create content that is optimised to generate traffic to your social media pages. If your objective is to generate more sales or increase leads, then SEO can be used to do just that. The type of SEO campaign you’ll launch depends largely on what your objectives are.

4. Brand Awareness
SEO can help improve your brand awareness. If you’re completely new, then SEO can be used to quickly build brand awareness and it can build instant trust. For instance, if your website starts showing up early on in the search engines results pages and for numerous keywords, then people will look at your site as being trustworthy.

Another example of how it helps with brand awareness is in regards to competitiveness. You’ll become extremely competitive when you use SEO the right way. Remember, your competition is already using SEO, therefore you need to be using it too.

5. Cost Effective
SEO is one of the most cost effective, if not the most cost effective form of marketing. If you are willing to take the time to learn it, then it doesn’t have to cost you anything. This means you can reap many potential benefits without having to pay anything.

Even if you pay a professional SEO agency, it tends to be worth the investment. Generally speaking, you can easily recoup your initial investment. Just make sure you hire a competent and reputable SEO agency if you plan on spending money on SEO.

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of SEO? Do you have an SEO strategy or are you on the fence to whether or not you should give it a try? It doesn’t matter what the answers are because you need to be doing SEO, otherwise you’re missing out.